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Regional Polyolefin Producer

PriXLence Implementation & Applications Support
  • Acceval transformed Chemco’s Pricing Management Capability through PriXLence Implementation.
  • To enhance capture of business value, Pricing Process / Policy / Rules and Performance Metrics were redesigned
  • Pocket Margin / Cost To Serve was modeled and implemented incorporating e.g. Material Cost, SCM Cost, direct labour cost, cost of working capital, etc.
  • Acceval was the Prime Consultant for this Engagement which covered Business Consulting, Pricing Application Implementation, Change Management and Technical Infrastructure Deployment
  • As part of overall Project Scope, Acceval provides multi year Application Support for the PriXLence software
Major Manufacturing Company

Margin Optimization Capability & Value Assessment
  • Driven by its customer centric business strategy, the Company embarked on initiative to further improve its Margin Performance
  • Acceval was engaged to assess the Company’s Supply Chain and Price / Margin Management Capability
  • Significant Business Benefits (Profit & Working Capital improvements) were identified by transforming the Company’s Pricing & Supply Chain Optimization Capability. ROI for the proposed initiatives were quantified
  • Leading Supply Chain Planning and Pricing Management Software were evaluated as an enabler to capture the identified benefits
  • A Blueprint / Roadmap was developed for the Company to achieve its Full Fledged Margin Optimization Vision
  • The Company is currently continuing its Margin Optimization Transformation Journey
Leading Polymer Company

Pricing Research & Value Pricing Capability Development
  • Acceval was engaged to help the Polymer Company developed Value Pricing capability
  • Pricing Research was carried out to understand customer value, willingness to pay, price sensitivities. Leading edge pricing / customer research and analytical techniques were used
  • Competitor Research was also conducted to understand the competitive landscape as well as the strengths / weakness of various suppliers
  • Insights from the Pricing Research, Industry Dynamics and Profitability Analysis allowed the Polymer Company to establish “Optimal Price Positioning” to better capture Market Price / Value
  • Research and Analysis uncovered opportunity for market premium even for products considered as “commodity”
  • Pricing / Customer Strategy and Policies were reviewed and Value Propositions developed in rolling out the improved Price Positioning