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Pricing Capability & Value Assessment
  • Assess Current Pricing Management Capability level (e.g. process, technology system, organization)
  • Determine Target Pricing Management Capability level
  • Identify and Prioritize Areas of Pricing Improvement
  • Quantify Benefits of Pricing Improvement Initiatives
  • Estimate Cost and Return On Investment
  • Develop Action Plan
We employ a Rapid Diagnostic approach in order to provide high impact yet cost effective service offering to our clients.

For enquiries on how we can help identify capability improvements and benefits to your organization, please contact us at
Pricing Research
We are competent in designing and conducting market / pricing research using leading edge tools and techniques such as :-
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Discrete Choice Modeling
  • Monadic Price Testing
  • Price Sensitivity Meter
  • Regression Analysis
  • Economic Value Analysis
  • Value Mapping
  • Market Modeling / Simulation