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PriXLence is Acceval's leading edge Price / Margin Management software. It is a web-based (J2EE compliant) application built on SAP's Netweaver Platform, incorporating proven yet innovative pricing best practices.

PriXLence will drive benefits delivery through achievement of the following business objectives:-
Business Objectives
Improve Price Setting and Positioning through Value Pricing
Improve capture of Price / Margin by better synchronization to market and key raw material price trends
Enhance setting of offer prices taking into account pricing policies / rules and prevailing market dynamics
Enhance accuracy of customer / product / channel profitability measurement
Identify sources of margin leakages, policy weaknesses, and inappropriate Cost-to-Serve so as to allow corrective actions to be taken
Rationalize Product Mix / Customer Portfolio
Enhance monitoring of Price / Margin performance against target
PriXLence's 'Price Planning & Setting' module allows generation of list / offer price points taking into account pricing policies & rules and prevailing market dynamics / margin expectations.
PriXLence's 'Value Pricing' module facilitates improvement of price positioning through understanding of customers' price and value perception within the market competitive dynamics.
PriXLence's 'Pricing Cockpit' module provides the users the platform to monitor the markets, competitors and internal situation in order to support list price setting decisions.
PriXLence's 'Cost-to-Serve' & 'Price / Margin Performance Analysis' module enables more accurate margin calculation, hence deeper insights into product / customer / channel profitability. PrixLence's analysis allows identification of margin leakage sources, policy weaknesses, misalignment in offering economics and opportunities for product / market / channel strategy finetuning. Tracking of price / magin performance against target is provided through Price / Margin Dashboard.
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