Experience > Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
Global Pharmaceutical Company

Sales Effectiveness / Channel & Pricing Strategy / Receivables Management
  • Assessed sales & marketing capability and channel effectiveness
  • Conducted channel research to map margin leakages through the entire value chain
  • Conducted customers / competitors assessment and pricing research
  • Developed Channel Strategy and rationalised intermediaries / distributors
  • Instituted structure to manage channel partner and measure channel effectiveness
  • Design and roll out processes to increase sales effectiveness and to proactively manage receivables
  • Performed pricing analysis and identified opportunity to improve margin through strategic price leadership
  • Overall transformation program delivered improvement of 5% of sales
Chemical & Life Sciences Company

Sales & Marketing / Pricing Capability Transformation
  • Major Sales & Marketing Assessment and Transformation Program
  • Sales / Marketing processes redesigned and CRM Solution Implemented to better target, qualify, serve and retain customers
  • Achieved World Class Sales & Marketing Best Practices encompassing e.g. Segmentation & Value Proposition Development, Sales Process Improvement, Resource Structure / Deployment Optimization, etc
  • Quick Win Value Capture initiative implemented to identify and realize price / margin improvement opportunities
  • Deployed Pricing Excellence processes for price setting, price execution, price performance analysis, price action delivery
  • Delivered improvement equivalent to more than 2% of revenue
Consumer Goods / Service Company

Market Research & Marketing Strategy
  • Performed Strategic Analysis of Industry Competitive Landscape and Key Market Trends
  • Conducted Market Research to assess growth potential, tested offering concepts and identified consumer preferences / buyer value using leading edge research and analysis techniques
  • Identified distinct segments allowing the company to establish target market segments, appropriate positioning and design winning product / service offerings
  • Analyzed price elasticities and performed modeling and market simulation to establish price strategy